Hey everybody! As you can see, this week’s blog is a little bit different. Instead of a written article, I have made a video analysis and review of Persona 5. Do you prefer the videos? Or would you rather just read a written blog? And how can I make these videos better? This is my first time making a video, so I would love any feedback you can give.

If you do like the written blogs, rest assured that the video articles are not going to be replacing them entirely (at least for quite a while). However, if you like the video I am planning on posting more, although I am unsure on the schedule. This took quite a bit more time than the written articles, and that is going to have a big impact on when I can make more in the future.

With all that out of the way, enjoy the video!


Posted by:Caleb Compton

I am the Head Designer of Rempton Games, and primary writer for the Rempton games blog. I am currently a graduate student in computer science at Kansas State University, and work on game designs every spare moment that I can.

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